small stone (240)

On the warmed stone, a couple. Supine, she breaks into the most intimate angularities: head against his hips, legs bent against her torso.


3 comments on “small stone (240)

  1. Sharat B. says:

    “Intimate angularities” What a sumptuous phrase, and it creates a wonderful picture that has you following her body’s lines (and folds) down from her head to her feet. And of course there is the implied oral sex going on (or not. as you please).

    • seon joon says:

      No, nothing untoward was happening at all. It was a sunny day, and there were people laid out on lawns and benches everywhere. I was mostly intrigued by the angularity of the young woman folding herself up to be able to lay against her boyfriend. It was sweet, in its own way.

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