small stone (229)

This sun – an intimacy, an assault of light – so near joy, so close to ecstasy; an excitement – the smell of warm soil, burnt winter –


3 comments on “small stone (229)

  1. Kevin Kim says:

    You know, I read a post like the above, and sometimes wonder whether you’re becoming Sister John of the Cross from Lying Awake. Simple, elegant, powerful prose, evoking the nameless, glorious Ordinary-yet-Absolute… and that quote by San Juan de la Cruz at the top of your blog! Admit it, Sista: Mark Salzman sank his claws deeper into you than first seemed possible!

    And—oh, yeah! You’ve even got the migraines! (Hope you take care of yourself on that score, as best you can.) If they ever make Lying Awake into a movie, you gonna audition for the role of Sister John?



    • seon joon says:

      *grin* I don’t know exactly what I’m becoming–or who–but as I remarked to a young friend who had read only Daoist/Zen poets, but not Zen monks, “Those things [Daoism and Zen] blur together remarkably well in poetry but, on the theological end, are quite distinct,” I think my writing has tendencies my theology (what *is* it for Buddhists, anyway? philosophy implies something not quite right, yet we’re not a theology in the strict definition…) doesn’t. I also have Dickinson in mind, and Ryoken, when I write. And Rumi; Mary Oliver; Louise Gluck. My first true poet-crush was on e.e. cummings: now there’s someone who’s into the ecstasy of the visceral!

      Mark Salzman got me, a little, but more than Mark, this world has me. It’s an interesting place to be in, to put it mildly, where Zen practice brings me more physically, and emotionally into the world but Buddhist soteriological rhetoric keeps trying to urge me “out” of it. There are ways to bridge this, but I’m still wondering about that bridge myself.

      As for the headaches–and I knock on wood as I write this–not a one this winter. I think it’s a combination of things, better overall health, happier state of mind, much lower stress. Not that they’re “gone;” I’ve had “shadow days,” with the premonition of a headache, but they haven’t gone full-blown. Thankfully.

      Thank you for reading, as always. And I love “Lying Awake.” Did then, still do now.


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