small stone (224)

Along the highway scores of lean winter trees bristle. The clouds & sky raise their white-and-blue above them like an unbelievable promise.


2 comments on “small stone (224)

  1. Sharat Buddhavarapu says:

    Do you mean that “The clouds & sky raise their white- / and-blue above” as in they keep them out of the reach of the trees or like a flag being raised above the ramparts? I get that now, on a second and third reading, but my first reading I was completely confused by the verb “raise”.

    • seon joon says:

      Yes, I saw the clouds and sky like a piece of cloth, out of reach and also of a single piece, not separate (i.e., not clouds and sky). One thing about the restriction of the 140 character rule in Twitter, which is where I compose the small stones, is that sometimes I end up making wide leaps and have to hope that the readers are willing to do the work to follow. Thanks for your comment!

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