I would like to see

Barrage of terms, definitions lovingly sculpted, the internal landscape divided into hemispheres, wholesome and unwholesome he says, and I agree, I do, to precision and definition and I love with all the weight of my nervous and colicky heart the comfort of a system, and yes, I know when I sit and daydream about Christmas in Idaho or obsessively fondle the skein of the day’s schedule that these are all at best distracted states of mind if not, as we talked about over coffee after meditation, also unwholesome by someone’s definition

but I would like to grab his hand and pull him through the back door, past the shoes on the shoe rack without stopping to put any on, rush out the creaky back door still in our socks onto the pavement still damp with last night’s mist, out into the strong sun drying the asphalt and cement and making geometric shadows out of the houses out to the edge of the street with the cars always going too fast up it with the students ambling to campus and the neighbor walking his curly little terrier (who loves to leap and kiss even strangers while his owner smokes a cigarette and holds the leash and smiles shyly at this free affection), I would like to go, both of us, fully into that world and see if he, too, is as in love with the world as I am, before we thought anything of it, before we crept shyly back from the terrifying beauty, before we curtained the windows with our thick, well-tailored words.


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