small stone (178)

An early evening mist thickens and the neighborhood darkens. Porch lights flare, beacons on the hypnagogic streets.


5 comments on “small stone (178)

  1. Kevin Kim says:

    A most hypnagogic pebble, this.

    • seon joon says:

      Oh, crud. Edit in place now, Kevin!

      • Kevin Kim says:

        I wasn’t sure whether my comment would be read as complimentary or insulting, seeing as “hypnagogic” means “drowse-inducing.” I meant it in a complimentary way: it makes you want to curl up somewhere warm and just settle in. (I have to watch my language toward the ladies.)

        Practice mindful spelling! Heh. Did you see this language Nazi post over at McCrarey’s?

      • seon joon says:

        I read your comment as complimentary; in its more technical sense, hypnagogic states are those transitional states into sleep (from sleep are hypnopompic) during which lucid dreaming often happens. Oddly, I had other windows open with that word written (correctly). If it was a hypnagogic pebble, then it was a successful pebble, as far as I’m concerned.

        Mindful spelling, indeed! I didn’t read the rant, but I did read your grammar-related posts of the past couple of days. *grin*

  2. Kevin Kim says:

    And thus do I fulfill my “learn something new every day” quota. Thanks.

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