small stone (103)

Night. The white noise of generators and turbines underlays the doppler of occasional traffic. I’m tired, eyes burning. Somewhere, a siren.


* * *
I’m in Charlottesville, Virginia, at UVA’s Summer Language Institute’s Tibetan Intensive, by which is meant “intensively intensive.” I’m hoping to get back on a regular writing schedule after the third week (we’re in the middle of our second week right now).

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The train’s timeless moan as we pull out of Springfield. Trestle bridges past islets emerging from fog, greenery receding to gray.
Clapboard, white picket, creaking stairs. 130-year old plumbing. Leaky windows. Rugs over hardwood. Lamp-glow and diaphanous curtains.
Cathedral spires in every neighborhood of Boston. Coupled women towing children in Northampton. The word “fens,” heard after so long.