cold mountain (48) (49)

I left behind what weighed me down

A stole draped across a neck. The pastor told me it was a yoke, the symbol of her commitment to God and to doing God’s work on earth. I have never forgotten the light in her eyes as she celebrated her burdens. Joining God’s intention to human needs. Attentive, responsive. Leaving no one and nothing behind. The greater love.

Things all have their uses
and each use has its place

I have no time for magic. Go sell your snake-oil attainments elsewhere. I don’t need to attain enlightenment: I need to get the laundry done, this room picked up. You want to show me special powers? Move my deadlines back two weeks each and magick me up a cabin with no phone and no visitors; I have work to finish. I don’t care about heaven and earth falling away. There are upwards of 35 recognized armed conflicts (wars, “near-wars,” and more) in the world today: heaven and earth are already falling. Don’t tell me about a great beyond. If you must, teach me a song that will heal broken hearts and suture torn worlds. I don’t want to go beyond. I want to move within, join together.


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