general announcements

From March 21st to April 5th, I won’t be posting here. The training and precepts’ platform for full ordination takes place at the end of this month and so I’ll be gone for about a week for that, and leading up to the training I have several editing and translating jobs that require time and focus.

…But, when posting here again, it will hopefully be as a new bhikkuni! (I passed the exam at the beginning of the month, and the training, which is mostly a formality, is all that is left in the process before the ceremony.)


7 comments on “general announcements

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    First the Velveteen Rabbi becomes a real rabbi, and now you become a full-fledged bhikkuni! What’s the blog world coming to? Next thing you know I will have to start actually following the via negativa… Well, see you on the other side. (Waving from this side, that is.)

  2. Mom says:

    I am so very proud of you, my dear!!

  3. roy says:

    Such wonderful news Sunim!



    – roy.

  4. liprogram says:

    I look forward to your wonderful descriptions of the event, and congratulations from a long-time reader of yours!

  5. seon joon says:

    Thank you, everyone. Although not the standard community that monastics in East Asian (of the novice or fully-ordained kind) are thought to rely on, this far-flung community of readers, writers, mentors, and friends has been as integral to my spiritual–and hence ordained–life as the community I eat, work, and practice with in the physical temple.

    See you all, indeed, on the other side. With gratitude–

  6. […] I announced in late March that I wouldn’t be posting here until April 5th, I ended up taking an […]

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