busy signal, or, come hell or high water (living hagiography 2.29.2012)

A leap-year. And the leap-day. Any other leaping day of a leap year, I’d try and find something (witty-ish or mildly profound) to say. Tonight, however, all I’m getting on my maxed-out nerves is a busy signal.

A project came in that, while both of personal interest and community concern, has suddenly snapped up my attention and some time. I spent two days on the road for this, and it came at the same time we celebrated my great-grandteacher’s 90th birthday, with all the attendant celebrations, pushing back the project a couple of days more. I’m also down to the last ten days before the Jogye Order’s precepts exam, and I just received news tonight that there’s a problem with my paperwork. Whether this is truly a paperwork problem, in which case it’s a relatively simple matter of chasing a paper trail, or whether it’s a serious problem that will possibly disqualify me from sitting the exam this year, I am unable to verify as of yet. Needless to say, between projects, birthdays, studying for exams, tracking down paperwork for exams, worrying that said paperwork (or its lack, to be precise) might make studying for aforementioned exam a moot point, and trying to pin down summer and autumn plans–plans which are appearing to skate on thinner and thinner ice, since they rested on the supposition I would be receiving full precepts this spring–has me busy.

Cold Mountain and small stones will have to wait until after March 9th. That’s when the exam is scheduled, whether I take it or not; and it’s when the project comes due as well.

Wish me luck, godspeed, a clear head, a calm heart, “come hell or high water.”


6 comments on “busy signal, or, come hell or high water (living hagiography 2.29.2012)

  1. Mom says:

    A paperwork snaffu, after all you’ve survived!? Can’t be…I’m crossing my fingers that it can be worked out by tracing the ‘paper trail’. Love You!!

  2. Kevin Kim says:

    Good luck as you ready yourself over the next few days. And hey — if the exam can’t be taken this year, you’ve got another year to solidify your knowledge.

  3. Wish me luck, godspeed, a clear head, a calm heart, “come hell or high water.”

    Indeed I do wish you all of these things!

    Much love from western Massachusetts.

  4. Peter says:

    All the best from here!

  5. seon joon says:

    Thanks, y’all. I’ll let folks know what the outcome is. I checked with my classmates, and it turns out several of us received the same notification. March 1 is a national holiday in Korea, so all the administrative offices were closed, but tomorrow morning (March 2) one of my classmates will call and begin trying to figure out what went wrong, and what we can do.

    Although I’m inclined to Kevin’s attitude: however it works out is how it’s going to work out. Glass is half full. Silver lining, and all that.

  6. […] 7 to March 11, I won’t be posting here. That paperwork snafu got worked out, so tonight I pack for Seoul and tomorrow I leave. Regardless of the exam’s […]

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