new year’s resolutions: snow

Ne jugez pas.
~ Arnaud Desjardins


I will learn to fall with a quiet
mistaken for silence.

I will cover the world
according to its contours.
I will not discriminate.



Under my multiple singularities
all will share
a common shelter.




Even at night,
I will reflect
until everything around me glows.
By day, I will either soften
all light, and be a womb
or return the sun’s strength
and refract the world to glory.



When you don’t expect it—
because I am confused with winter’s cold—
I will insulate
& bring you warmth.



I will not fight
coming and going.
Becoming water,
I’ll learn to be liquid.


Thanks to the Cassandra Pages’ Beth Adams for her selection from French Advaita Vedanta Master Arnaud Desjardins.


2 comments on “new year’s resolutions: snow

  1. Laura says:

    This is lovely! Dave at Via Negativa sent me your way…

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