small stone (23)

Cold is a slow fire creeping up through the floor. Feet numb, I go outside. The sun’s a joke. I stumble along, breathing ice.


2 comments on “small stone (23)

  1. I love this stone. I can envision exactly what you mean with these words –> “Cold is a slow fire…”

    Absolutely beautiful.

    • seon joon says:

      The back-story is that we were traveling to all our sister-temples to bow to the senior nuns in our family. I wandered into our Teacher’s Hall, where we have the memorial plaques for our family’s three founding nuns established, to pay my respects to my great-great-grandteacher. The floor in the hall, a traditional construction of wooden planks over a crawl-space about a foot or so high, was so cold I had to leave before I’d taken all the photos I wanted. I went outside to take some shots of the temple complex, only to have my hands freeze in the air. Cold!

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