small stone (18)

The desk lamp casts an oblong of cool light. Nestled into this island of illumination, I want to stay up all night, reading.


3 comments on “small stone (18)

  1. Beautiful. Don’t you wish you could occasionally skip a night’s sleep and have it not affect you? The quiet hours of the night have their appeal, don’t they?

    • seon joon says:

      Absolutely! For me, too, I like the virtual private that comes with night: the phones stop ringing, footsteps on the hallway cease; no one comes to the door. Without those interruptions, plus the intimacy of a puddle of light in the dark, make for wonderful reading conditions!

  2. […] however. Last year, I would break into a cold sweat when sitting down to write some of the stones (this one comes to mind). Why difficult to write? Because being present and giving attention is one thing, […]

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